Youth Art Team brings together students from a variety of backgrounds and life situations to complete exceptional works of art through a process that values student voices in decision-making. The mission is to encourage youth to develop their creative potential, empowering both personal and social change through art.


It’s our largest mural yet… and you’re invited!

Nearly 200 people ages 7-70+ spent more than 2000 hours preparing to paint this new mural along the Cedar River at the Waterloo Center for the Arts. Measuring 3,000 square feet, the Youth Art Team’s largest public mural to date commemorates Waterloo’s civil rights history. We’re having a party… and you’re invited! River Wall Mural | …


The Youth Art Team is an actual grassroots team of artists who have grown together since 2010. As more young artists want to join and the community wants to see more, the Youth Art Team has worked hard to keep up!

The Lead Team, 25 artists ages 7-15, has become a strong and multiplying force. They walk through the creative process together first, preparing and providing leadership for additional teams so that hundreds of young artists and creative peers can play meaningful roles in public art experiences provided by the Youth Art Team each year.

The Youth Art Team’s experience is that the impact of the effort is greater when people work together. As an organization that must raise its own funding in order to work with our cities, schools, and art centers to make these community-based, public art projects possible, the Youth Art Team has become a local powerhouse for collaboration. The Lead Team is grateful to all of the brilliant, hardworking young artists who contribute their ideas and voices to Youth Art Team projects!

Meet the Imagination Coalition (formerly PROJECT 8), a group of leaders who are envisioning the Youth Art Team’s next phase of growth and becoming equipped to help lead it.


The Youth Art Team is making an impact in our community! Will you help us keep it going?

Wait. Isn’t Youth Art Team a part of the city? The schools? The local art centers?

Youth Art Team is an organization that must raise its own funding in order to work with our cities, schools, and art centers to make community-based, public art projects like this possible. And we LOVE to work with them. They are amazing partners who believe in young artists and open doors for them to share their creative voices with our communities.

The most recent Youth Art Team project – the “Our Freedom Story” mural – did not receive full funding! But we knew it was too important and had to finish. Now that you’ve seen its impact, we hope that you will help Youth Art Team reach its funding needs to continue this momentum into the next project. The donate buttons above make it easy to make a one-time donation or set up monthly contributions. Your entire donation is tax-deductible. Help us make sure that the Youth Art Team moves into its next project with courage and strength!

If you prefer to donate by check, make payable to “Youth Art Team” and mail to:
Youth Art Team
212 E 4th St
Waterloo, IA 50703

Looking for other payment options or have questions? Email contact@youthartteam.com.

Youth Art Team has become its own nonprofit! Our community is asking for more from us, and more young artists want to join in. So after growing carefully for eight years under the care of Link CCD, another nonprofit, Youth Art Team has set off and formed a 501(c)(3) of its very own. This will allow us to apply to funders we have not had access to in the past and to build sustainability into the Youth Art Team so we can keep inspiring young, creative people to be leaders in our community for years to come. We can’t do this alone, and we’re asking for your help!

Your gift will help us:

  • provide summer camps for 80 young artists,
  • continue our momentum into the next collaborative art project without pulling back,
  • provide everything the Youth Art Team needs to dream big about our long-term future in the community.

Your special donation of any amount will join the donations of others, adding power to the work of Youth Art Team artists!


If you’d like a receipt, please include your contact information for us and you’ll receive acknowledgement from the Youth Art Team, a registered 501(c)(3).

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