Youth Art Team

We are a group of artists ages 5 to 18 from Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa spreading our creativity, talent, and uniqueness to the heart of our community. Our team has been working and creating together since 2010.

Urban Intervention

“Be beautiful. Be powerful. Try to think of things that no one has created before.” A.J., ...

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Jayda T.

I like to come to Youth Art Team because we get to work on art and go places and it’s fun.


Look and see what the community is saying about us!

Art for the sake of all people is what I think the term 'public art' means. I’ve done a fair amount of traveling around the US and countries in Europe so I’ve gotten to see a lot of art – both public and in collections inside museums. The butterflies elicited a response of the heart and provided everyone who looked at them with an opportunity to have their spirits lifted!

- Urban Intervention project community response

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