Youth Art Team

We are a group of artists ages 5 to 18 from Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa spreading our creativity, talent, and uniqueness to the heart of our community. Our team has been working and creating together since 2010.

Urban Intervention

“Be beautiful. Be powerful. Try to think of things that no one has created before.” A.J., ...

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I like to take pics


Look and see what the community is saying about us!

I am very inspired by the raw, unedited photos the kids took throughout The Viewfinder Project. In a culture saturated with photoshopped images, their pictures of streets and people and buildings within their community are challenging and striking. While billboards and magazines tell us that life should look like this and that, the kids went out with their cameras and effectively said, 'No, this is what life looks like.' They remind me that good art tells the truth.

- Kristen Rogers, Youth Art Team volunteer

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