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Youth Art Team artists have been creating a set of activities they call “Journey of Art” to include coloring pages, mazes, and trickier surprises for both kids and adults.

Thirty-five young artists, ages 5-16, began meeting virtually once a week in smaller groups after the coronavirus changed our plans in March. When determining what they would work on together, all of the artists felt it was important for their work to have a positive impact on people’s lives right now.

Youth Art Team will send “Journey of Art” to your inbox the moment it’s released! We think individuals, families, congregations, and organizations will find joy through the activities the artists created.

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Power Groups Gallery!


Youth Art Team artists switched gears quickly in March and have been Zooming with the best of them ever since. Five artist Power Groups have been meeting and creating and keeping each other encouraged every week.

After the first five weeks, they decided to share their individual work, which is why we are launching the Youth Art Team | Power Groups Gallery.

Check it out! We think you will smile and laugh and breathe a little easier after browsing each wall of the gallery.

Youth Art Team… at home!

We collected resources for you to keep your mind active and your heart strong while you keep your body healthy at home!

We only listed free activities that either we have created or have tried out ourselves first. And we’ll try to get fresh activities in front of you each week.

Choose from art challenges, doodle lessons, museum tours, virtual concerts and more!

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