Art for the sake of all people is what I think the term 'public art' means. I’ve done a fair amount of traveling around the US and countries in Europe so I’ve gotten to see a lot of art – both public and in collections inside museums. The butterflies elicited a response of the heart and provided everyone who looked at them with an opportunity to have their spirits lifted!

- Urban Intervention project community response

Thank you for giving us a beautiful butterfly. I hope we could be just like you when I grow up. Thank you. You guys are the best.

- Third grade partner artist, Lowell Elementary School

My daughter is different because she feels a sense of responsibility.

- Dena Winters, Youth Art Team parent

With each passing year and creative project we have witnessed a beautiful transformation in these students. This has allowed the team to take on more responsibilities and more complex art projects. A new culture of learning and artistic expression is clearly emerging.

- Judy Marshall, Harvest Vineyard Church pastor

The Youth Art Team gives my kids a sense of belonging. The program has helped introduce my children to new people and experiences, which has boosted their self-esteem. They’re more outgoing and more willing to try new things.

- James & Kenya Evans, Youth Art Team parents

I am very inspired by the raw, unedited photos the kids took throughout The Viewfinder Project. In a culture saturated with photoshopped images, their pictures of streets and people and buildings within their community are challenging and striking. While billboards and magazines tell us that life should look like this and that, the kids went out with their cameras and effectively said, 'No, this is what life looks like.' They remind me that good art tells the truth.

- Kristen Rogers, Youth Art Team volunteer

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