“Love is Power” Poster Challenge

Welcome to Youth Art Team!

One artist simply wrote “Love is Power” across the top of her paper about this time nine years ago. The Youth Art Team artists were brainstorming ideas for their very first mural, and those words became the message of the mural and a foundation for Youth Art Team.

Youth Art Team is launching the “Love is Power” Poster Challenge to inspire our community and help us connect with each other while we are physically apart.


We’re trying to see how many works of art the Youth Art Team can collect and share online (here and through our social media) or in other ways to bring about more unity. Some posters may be selected for special display.


1. Artwork should demonstrate how “Love is Power” in some way.

  • You can illustrate something specific from your own life or create something abstract.
  • The words “Love is Power” should appear somewhere on your poster.

2. Artists of any age or experience level are encouraged to submit.

  • Think you’re not an artist? Great news: We accept those stick people you’re always telling us about. 😉 And finally, adults! A project you can join in on, too. Beginner artists… professional artists… we need you all.
  • Artists under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian to provide contact information. If this is not possible, please contact Youth Art Team about special circumstances.

3. All art mediums are acceptable – any size.

  • Pencil? Markers? Chalk in your driveway? Paints? Clay? Watercolor? Yarn? Tablet drawing? Torn paper? Be creative. What do you have around you? Any material that helps you express how “Love is Power” in your life will work!
  • Photographers: We will accept photographs. No identifiable faces or other objects that reveal personal identities, information, or locations may be shown.
  • No specific size required.

4. Each artist may submit up to three pieces of art.

  • Create, create, create!
  • Submit your favorite 1-3 pieces.

5. Artists from anywhere are invited to participate.

  • You do not need to live in our area.
  • If you live on this planet with us, we invite you!


Follow these three instructions. Artwork will be shared as it comes in. Submissions will be accepted through May 1, 2020… and we will extend if needed.

1 . Complete the online form.

Part one • Basic contact information
Part two • Signature for permission to share your artwork.

(If the artist is under 18 years of age, simple parent/guardian contact information is required. If this is not possible, please contact Youth Art Team about special circumstances.)

2. Send us your artwork.

We can accept files or photos of your artwork one of three ways:

We have tips for taking photos of your artwork that will look amazing when we share them.

Once we receive your artwork, we’ll reply to confirm we got it. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, shoot us a message!

3. Important: By submitting the form and sending your artwork to Youth Art Team…

  • YOU agree to allow Youth Art Team to share your artwork with audiences in person or online.
  • YOUTH ART TEAM agrees to acknowledge you by first name only (for safety) and may also share city/state in some instances.

Thank you for sharing your art with us! Your ideas and love and creativity are as important as ever.

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The Youth Art Team

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Youth Art Team reserves the right to choose not to share artwork that it decides is not appropriate for its audience.