Team Website Project | Youth Art Team

Team Website Project


Youth Art Team built a website!

Four team members worked with partners from Visual Logic week to familiarize themselves with WordPress and develop some of the site’s content (ex. selecting fonts and colors, choosing photos, writing descriptions, etc.).

The other 17 team members engaged in a quick art history lesson to learn about the transition from the Renaissance to Impressionism, focusing specifically on Matisse and his Fauvist work that was so controversial at the time. Remembering Matisse’s famous quote, “Creativity takes courage,” students tried their hand at the Fauve style – bright colors, simple shapes, and wild markings. Team members drew these portraits of one another for the Team page on their new website.

The four team members who got a crash course in WordPress the first week taught the other 17 team members to upload their portraits to the website the second week. Youth Art Team members also brainstormed interview questions for each member to answer. Students typed their answers to interview questions that accompany each profile portrait on the Team page.

A major task for the website was to design a Youth Art Team logo! Students spent two weeks learning about typography. Team members drew hundreds of letter variations and simple images to contribute to the final logo.

At the end of each meeting, the four lead website students shared the week’s progress with the whole team. Students will continue learning how to work with the website, building the tool to share the team’s ongoing work with others!