Which banned book did Corin read?

Corin's poster has a deep blue sky with white clouds and a yellow sun. The ground is mustard yellow with dark green trees. There is a red building with a brown roof, white windows and a yellow door in the background. In the middle, there is a wolf, a large, green monster with red eyes and a smaller green creature wearing a black outfit with a hat. There is also a small figure at the bottom of the poster that is wearing a red cap and holding a basket.

“This is an old story that was told in a lot of different ways. Usually, there is a wolf or some other villain like an ogre or a witch. [A little girl] goes through the forest to deliver bread or wine or something like that to her grandma. She eventually meets the wolf in a forest, and the wolf gets to her grandmother’s house first. Then the wolf eats the grandmother, disguises as her, and eats [the little girl] too. Sometimes there is a hunter that kills the wolf. I think it was banned for little kids for gruesomeness. I also found out it was banned because, in one story, she has wine in her basket for her grandmother.”

Corin’s book cover poster was on display at Rockets Bakery!

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