Which banned book did Ian read?

Ian's poster has a large grey building with two windows and a smoke stack. There are two yellow trees, one with blue leaves, the other with pale yellow leaves. There is a red circular shape on top of a grassy hill. Behind the grey building, there is a bright teal background. In the front left corner, there is a little bit of what appears to be a road. On the right side fo the poster there is an orange creature.

“It’s about this person that is looking for a job and going on an adventure and is looking for something to do for money. He finds the forest and cuts one of the trees down. [An orange creature] pops out of the tree trunk and tries to get him to stop cutting down the trees because it is hurting the habitats. There are birds and little teddy bear things. The company gets oil in the pond, and the fish can’t live there. There is gas in the air, and the birds can’t fly through it. Eventually, he cuts down the whole forest and just leaves the animals to figure out what to do.”

Ian’s book cover poster was on display at Lincoln Perk!

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