Which banned book did Niara read?

Niara's poster has a bright orange and red background. There are six figures all standing side-by-side. The figures are all wearing different colored dresses, green, light blue, light purple, bright pink, dark blue and light brown. In the top left corner, there is a black blob with a spooky, toothy grin.

“Well for the first part there was [a girl], her little brother, her two twin brothers, and their mom and they are trying to find their dad. [The girl] goes to a different universe with her friend and little brother. They go into a world, and the people aren’t robots but look like robots. There was this [thing] that got into her little brother, and then he wandered off. The [thing] tried to get into [the girl] and was taking over her body. [Another character] came and tried to save [the girl].”

Niara’s book cover poster was on display at Soul Book Nook!

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