Youth Art Team is getting ourselves all set up in our new headquarters space and could use a few wonderful things. Contact Makaela if you have something listed below or are interested in helping out (, 319-343-8029).

Looking for a place that will LOVE your used things?

Please DO NOT BUY any of these things! We LOVE to reuse amazing items that already exist in the world but just need a new home:

  • office work desks for staff, any size (2)
  • work desks for students, any size (4-6)
  • office work chairs (2)
  • desk lamps, office or with shades (4-6)
  • floor lamps (2-4)
  • area rugs, any size (4-6)
  • microwave
  • end tables (4-6)
  • bookshelves, small (2-3)
  • small refrigerator, larger than mini fridge (1)
  • small color printer (1)
  • sewing machine (2)
  • 8-foot ladder (2)
  • artificial floor plants (5)
  • artificial, undecorated Christmas trees (5)
  • cordless drill, battery, charger (2)
  • drill bit sets
  • extension cords (various sizes)
  • power strips

Like to do stuff and/or build stuff?

Some people love to clean! If you’re one of them, let us know and we’ll add you to the contact list for our seasonal cleaning days.

We have a few construction projects in mind from simple to quite involved. Youth Art Team is making big plans that aren’t ready just yet, but let us know if we’ve piqued your interest and we’ll reach out when the time is right. Project examples include:

  • storage shelves,
  • artist tables,
  • and more…

Want to purchase something on our wish list?

You help keep art materials and activities in the artists’ hands – an HQ operating smoothly – when you purchase something from our wish list. We keep it up to date based on current artist activities.