Quick Tips for Photographing Your Artwork

Your art is important! Share it with a great photo. It’s easy! Here are our top tips . . . and YES, you can use your phone!


Photograph your artwork near a window. Turn off any lamps or overhead lights you might have on.

Natural sunlight brings out the color and crispness of your artwork. Your photograph will be a more realistic representation of the original if you can photograph it under natural lighting.

For example:


Make sure to center your camera or phone directly above your artwork.

  • All edges of your artwork should be included in the shot.
  • Adjust your camera or phone to get the edges of your artwork (if 2D) as straight as possible.
  • Then, crop the background out after you take the photograph.
  • If you are photographing a 3D object, try to choose a single colored background to shoot infant of, like a white wall; or, hang a sheet from a wall and place your artwork on the sheet.

If your camera or phone is not centered on your artwork, the image will be skewed and portions will be blurry.

For example:


Take your time!

  • Hold your elbows in close to your body to help you steady your camera or phone.
  • Take your time, hold steady, and let your camera or phone focus before you take the photo.
  • Most phones allow you to touch the screen where you want to focus.


  • Make sure the shadow from your head or your camera/phone isn’t on your artwork before you take the photo.
  • Rearrange yourself and your art as needed to avoid dark shadows on your art.